These are short vignettes reflecting the romantic and professional relationship of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The first set I had written is entitled, “Beginnings.” This set features a “what if?” situation if Mulder and Scully started to embark a romantic relationship before they were partnered together. However, in this universe, Samantha Mulder was never abducted.

The next set was called “Little Twists.”  It’s much like the “A Twist Of…” series, but the only exception that it features Melissa Scully. In this universe, Dana Scully was never abducted and never had cancer.


Trilogy I: The Meeting (Pre-XF, Pilot and Travelers Spoilers, MSR)
Trilogy II:
The Engagement (Season One spoilers, MSR)
Trilogy III:
The Announcement (Season One spoilers, MSR)



A Little Twist of Three (Mulder/Scully Married. 3, Duane Barry, Ascension Spoilers!)
A Little Twist of One Breath (Mulder/Scully Married. One Breath spoiler!)
A Little Twist of Memento Mori (Mulder/Scully Married. Memento Mori Spoiler!)


Never Slowing DownTrilogy: Never Slowing Down

Thanks to Aimee for the dust jacket.

Never Slowing Down (Mulder/Scully UST. all things spoilers.)
Never Slowing Down: Chasing the Truth (Mulder/Scully UST. all things spoilers.)
Never Slowing Down: Finding My Way Back to You (MSR. all things spoilers.)

Coming Soon

There will be a new trilogy  


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